Breakthrough the breakup

Get closure

Regain / rebuild your confidence

Reclaim your power

Release victim mentality

Let go of negative emotions

Let go of “ what could have been”


When we experience a break up, we are really going through a grieving process. Through grieving is how we express and react to a loss. Different emotions arise , it is the normal process that we all go through when an attachment is broke. Sometimes we are able to go through this unconsciously and alone and sometimes we may feel overwhelmed, stuck, and need some help, and that is completely fine.

Through this course you will be guided through this grieving process, you will learn how to let go of the attachment by letting go of trapped emotions, practice gratitude and forgiveness, you will learn to break from the victim mentality and feel empowered and at peace with the break up. When you look at things differently, things change. It is all about gaining knowledge, insight and tools to help you through this process.

Different techniques are offered to suit everyone. You can use these forms of support to release the attachment and any emotion at any given moment, wether it is related to the break up or not. You will notice how your relationships with loved ones  improve as you work on yourself. After all, the relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship.


Are you ready to step into your power?

This course is designed to at a deep emotional level, letting go of attachments and emotions which are creating tension in yourself, emotionally and physically. Not being triggered emotionally, becoming less reactive and more in charge of your life and your relationships. The more you work on healing yourself, the better your relationships will be, the more you will notice who is worth your energy and time and who isn´t.

How will I overcome the break up?

The techniques you use will be based on a HOLISTIC METHOD, caring for the mind-body-soul connection. Let go of those negative feelings and limiting beliefs- learn to bring awareness to your emotions and acknowledge them instead of running away from them or trying to cover them up, whilst feeling supported, with an array of tools and techniques to help you. 

You will also practice Self Care. Sometimes we plan our whole life around the relationship and the other person and when it is over we do not know what to do with ourselves anymore, our self esteem is low, we have been hurt, quite simply, we have given our power away without even realizing it. Claim back your power and step into your inner Goddess! 


How long will it take me to complete the course and get over my ex?

This really will depend on how committed you are to the course and your own wellbeing.  I offer you the information and knowledge you need to get through this, but it is up to you to put this into practice and make a conscious effort to change your life. Typically it takes  three weeks to create or change a habit, however it really depends on you.

This course is designed so that you do it at your own pace, once you sign up for the course, you have unlimited lifetime access! So you can come back to it and do it in your own time and use it to let go of any attachment whenever you feel you need to, with any relationship you need to.


 Lifetime access 

Many emotional releasing techniques 

Self care section

Gratitude and Forgiveness Practices

Meditations – Learn to meditate and choose from many meditations

Access to private Facebook group which you can join to connect with other beautiful souls

Are you ready to move on?

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