how will i overcome the break up? what is this course all about?

Get closure

Regain / rebuild your confidence

Learn how to stop ruminating

Overcome the fear of being alone

Let go of built up negative emotions

Let go of “ what could have been”

This online course is based on a grieving process

Through grieving is how we express and react to the loss of a loved one. In the grieving process, different emotions arise after this  loss, which could be a physical loss as well as an emotional loss. A grieving process is the normal process that we all go through when we suffer any loss and an attachment is broke. Sometimes we are able to go through this unconsciously and alone and sometimes we may get stuck in a certain phase of this process not being able to move on and let go, causing us much emotional suffering.

Through the course  you will learn how to let go of what we call the negative emotions such as anger, frustration, fear and sadness, by bringing these to your awareness and then releasing them through different techniques.

When we go through a break up, it is normal to feel sad, to feel angry, resentful, and sometimes fearful too. The course will help you go through all of these emotions, expressing and releasing them in a healthy way. This means you will no longer carry this emotional baggage around with you, unburdening yourself, setting yourself free.

Are you ready?

You are going to let it all go. You will also practice gratitude and forgiveness, which are a crucial part in order to fully let go.

Yes! You will be able to look back at the break up with a light heart and a sense of EVERYTHING IS OKAY. You will not have all those strong feelings that are making you feel pain and not letting you move on.

​This will not only enable you to get over your ex partner, but also help you establish new healthy relationships from now on. If we keep carrying this emotional baggage around with us, if we choose to ignore it and not deal with it, it will eventually show either in another relationship or in another area of your life.

This course is designed to at a deep emotional level, letting go of emotions which are creating tension in yourself in order for you to fully take control. Not being triggered emotionally, becoming less reactive and more proactive by bringing awareness to your emotions.

How will I overcome the break up?

The techniques you use will be based on a HOLISTIC METHOD, caring for the mind-body-soul connection. You will also be working with techniques based on a conscious and mindful approach- being aware of our emotions and actually feeling them instead of running away from them or trying to cover them up.  

Doesn´t it feel so much better after a good cry?

You will also practice Self Care. Sometimes we plan our whole life around the relationship and the other person and when it is over we do not know what to do with ourselves anymore, our self esteem is low, we have been hurt. Rebuilding/ regaining your confidence and self esteem is part of the process too.

If you would like to try meditation and yoga this can also be very helpful. However, the course offers many techniques to suit everybody, so even if you do not wish to practice this you will also be able to benefit from the course.

Course includes:


Yoga exercises for emotional release

Self care practices

Mindfulness techniques

Other psychotherapy tecniques for emotional release

How long will it take me to complete the course and get over my ex?

This really will depend on how much you allow yourself to express and let go of the emotional baggage you have – how committed you are to the course and allow yourself to be present in your emotion. I would say to properly go through the course, allowing yourself time, at least four weeks, although it could be longer or shorter.

You will not completely forget your ex as if nothing ever happened, what will happen is that  you will be able to look back on the relationship with a light heart and a sense of “everything is ok” rather than with the emotional pain you are going through now.


Also called the denial or acceptance phase.


This phase has three different emotions related to it, sadness, fear and anger. You will practice different tecniques in order to release these emotions and go through them properly. This is the most important part of the course.


Here you will practice forgiveness, gratitude and finally say goodbye. Ending the process with a positive outlook on it all , unburdening you from suffering and empowering you. 

Are you ready to move on?

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