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Hi there! If you have been called to visit my page- it is not by coincidence, the universe works in mysterious ways. 

My name is Sofia, and like you, I have experienced the pain of a heartache, the pain of a break up, however I learnt and decided to use that pain as a catalyst for growth. We tend to blame others for our suffering, yet it is only ourselves holding us back from our true potential and our full empowerment. It is down to us to make ourselves happy. A lifetime of conditioning has taught us to trust others in their judgement more so than own inner wisdom, creating codependency and disempowering us. I am here to guide your way back to this knowledge. It is an honor to hold space for both women and men, uncovering layer upon layer of conditioning, trapped emotions and limiting beliefs to let the light within you shine through.


I studied psychology at university and hold a masters degree in Humanistic Integrative Therapy, and am also a yoga teacher – however nothing has taught me more than my own experience, which I wish to share with you. 


Feel free to get in touch, even it is just to say hi and tell me your story, I would love to hear from you.



«I had enrolled on two other online courses to try and get over my 25 year marriage that all of the sudden came to an end. Nothing was helping. I also went to therapy and this didn´t seem to help on the long run either. There are so many different opinions on how to deal with a break up. This online course has been the only one I have found that has not only helped me get over the break up, but has guided me and empowered me to overcome a lot of built up resentment from other relationships with family members too.»

Debbie, London, UK.

«I was very depressed for a very long time after my last break up, thinking there just wasn´t any hope or way of getting out of that dark whole I was in, until I actually decided to sign up for this course. It has been a life changer for me. Thank you Sofia.«

Patricia, Devon, UK.

«There is so much advice on the internet on how to get over your ex, so many experts giving you “tips” but nothing seemed to be explained in depth and actually help me. I can honestly say, the best thing I did was sign up for the course – I probably would still be searching for ways to overcome the break up and moving on if it wasn´t for this course. Worth every penny.«

Jeniffer, Colorado, EE.UU.

«I broke up with my ex boyfriend, we hadn´t even been together for very long and it didn´t have a dramatic ending but for some reason I just couldn´t seem to deal with not being with him anymore. I was completely stuck, I couldn´t seem to get this man out of my head! With this course, I realised he was the catalyst and trigger for other unresolved issues through other break ups, which is why this break up in particular was so magnified. I had more than one ex to get over and this course was just what I needed to realise this and to do something about it other than just cry and think my world had ended.«

Karen, Málaga, Spain.

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«I had a very tough break up with my last partner, I tried to deal with it in so many different ways but still, he seemed to keep popping back into my head even after years and I could´nt understand why, not allowing me to find someone new.  After working with Sofia and trying her process, I was FINALLY able to move on and, I am now as happy as ever with my current partner!»

Elena, Málaga, Spain.

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